My graduation film project NoWhereMan is a 5-min long animated short film.  I'm the director, writer, concept designer of NoWhereMan, and in the production stage, I was also responsible for the environment modeling, Cha & Env & Prop texturing. 


The story is about a national hero who was sacrificed by the government and the masses. The story follows a marshal who announces their first time travel experiment to the public. However, the experiment goes haywire when the main character gets trapped in the repetitive timeline forever. Behind this shallow success is an ironic truth.

 During the production, I got great inspiration from Lucian Freud's paintings. I applied the vivid characterization and expressionist feeling of the characters in his paintings to our design.

Here are the concept art, style frames, and some pre-production research I've done for this project, hope u like it!. Please email me if you'd like to watch the full version.

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Los Angeles Film Awards 2020 - Winner
Festigious International Film Festival - Winner
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2020 - Winner
Florence Film Awards - Honorable Mention - Animation
New York Film Awards - Best Original Story, Best Animation, Best Student Film
Animaflim International Animation Festival  - Official Selection
Future Archives Film Series 2020  - Official Selection
Canlandiranlar Film Festival 2020 - Official Selection
Chaniartoon International Comic & Animation Festival - Official Selection