Chong Liu is a NY based CG artist who specializes in concept design and 3D modeling. Chong has worked as an intern in Co_ed studios, Digital Domain and MoreVFX. He received his BFA from the top art university in Asia, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and took Film Art and Animation as his major. For his master's degree, he graduated from SVA,majored in MFA Computer Arts.

Chong is a concept artist with a great variety of styles and topics. With a fine art background, his familiarity with 3D animation workflow and his production experience enable him to complete the character and environment design efficiently and accurately. Chong is also working as a film director, he started to produce animated and live-action films since 2014. 


2014-2018 Central Acedemy of Fine Arts

2018-2020 School of Visual Arts


IG: maxliuutada

TEL: 917-302-8463

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